Who is delcake and what does he do?

My name is Ryan and I go by the name delcake anywhere that matters. I’ve got some varied hobbies, and this site is my attempt to catalog what I’m working on between them all. At the moment, I’m spending a lot of time speed-running on my Twitch channel, as well as creating VGM covers on YouTube! I’ve got a lot to learn in both of those hobbies, which is a big reason I want to journal my progress here.

You’ll be able to find me on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube with the links above. You may also happen to find me around Twitch hanging out in various Creative and Speed-running streams in my free time!


My primary (and only) speed-game is Bomberman 64. I compete in the Any% Normal category with an NTSC Nintendo 64 cartridge, and my runs are ranked at SpeedRun.com. My current streaming schedule will see me working on this game every Wednesday and Saturday night starting at 20:00 Central! Getting in to speed-running is far easier than I ever assumed after having spent a few years watching Games Done Quick. If it’s something you think you might be interested in doing, don’t be afraid to try it out!

Music Covers

Back when I was a kid, I got it in my head that pursuing the various instruments I enjoyed was going to be fruitless and I’d never be able to create anything by myself. Then YouTube happened and I was introduced to the wide expanse of the VGM cover artist community and I began to realize how incredibly wrong I had been. The community is helpful and supportive, and it motivated me to pick up music again and start completing some projects. So far I have been splitting my efforts between doing covers of music from games I’ve enjoyed growing up, and recording with the backing tracks of other artists in a series called Let’s Play Along.

Extra Life

As of 2016, I’ve started participating in Extra Life to help raise funds and awareness for the Children’s Miracle Network. Barring any issues, you can find me running a 24-Hour stream during Game Day for the year on my Twitch channel! The support that we’ve been able to generate as a community for this cause has far exceeded anything I ever expected, and it’s been my privilege and honor to participate. A special thank you to those who have supported through my channel or anyone else’s!

Convention Schedule

  • 2017
  • ✔️ MAGFest (Jan. 5th – 8th)
  • ✔️ PAX South (Jan.  27th – 29th)
  • ✔️ Dreamhack Austin (Apr. 28th – 30th)
  • ✔️ MomoCon (May 25th – 28th)
  • ✔️ ConBravo (Jul. 28th – 30th)
  • ❌ TwitchCon (Oct. 20th – 22nd)
  • 2018
  • ➖ MAGFest (Jan. 4th – 7th)
  • ➖ Awesome Games Done Quick (Jan. 7th – 14th)
  • ❓ MomoCon (TDB)
  • ❓ ConBravo (TBD)
  • ❓ TwitchCon (TBD)