The Grand Duchy of Jeuno | Final Fantasy XI Guitar Cover

We’ve got video this time! Granted, it ain’t the prettiest you’ll ever see. In any case, I decided to cover the area song for the town of Jeuno in the old MMORPG Final Fantasy XI. I had intended to troll a buddy of mine who is a big fan of that game with this cover, but it back-fired in the worst possible way – I’m the one who re-subbed to FFXI instead.

That’s neither here nor there though. I’m really pleased with this arrangement overall, and I had a lot of help getting the mix dialed in from many different folks. There’s still a lot of room to improve, so I look forward to refining this process in the next cover and beyond!

Lead / Rhythm Guitar: Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Platinum
Bass Guitar: Schecter Diamond Series Stiletto Custom-5
DAW: Cakewalk SONAR
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Originally composed by: Naoshi Mizuta
Arranged By: delcake

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