Personal Interests

Compulsive FFXIV player, occasional video game speedrunner, Steam Deck enjoyer. Known to dabble in Music Production and Game Development.

Guilty of spending vastly more time tinkering with and self-hosting interesting software/services than actually using them.

Slowly making progress on learning Japanese. よろしく!

Professional Interests

Systems Administration – Linux and Windows. Bash, Python, and PowerShell. Containers. Former specialist in Microsoft Exchange.

Community Management and Content Moderation – Twitch, Discord, Youtube, and all the supporting bots and technologies that make running a community on them sustainable.

Other Services

Twitch https://twitch.tv/delcake
SRDC https://speedrun.com/user/delcake
Mastodon https://songsforno.one/@delcake
/kbin https://kbin.social/u/delcake