On the Principles of Managing an Online Community

What follows are some of my ideas on what kind of frame of mind is required to successfully manage an online community. I believe that the more closely a team sticks to these principles, the easier they will find their job to be. Each bullet point could easily deserve a full discussion of what it implies and how to embody the ideal it sets forth, and perhaps I will deep-dive into some of them at a later date.

These ideas are a result of my involvement in community management and moderation for communities both large and small over the last ten years. They are also influenced by situations that have transpired in communities I do not manage, some that abide by these principles and some that violate them.

When discussing community-generated “content”, the specifics of what that content may be can vary wildly depending on the community type. Most commonly it may simply be the discussion and camaraderie that springs up around their chosen topic. It may be the actual production of literary works, art, or music. Or perhaps it may be the curation of data or resources for consumption by a wider audience. It is, in effect, the soul of the community; the reason why people will choose to participate in it.

The Principles

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